Aşk Sözleri Şiirler Resimler

Aşk Sözleri Şiirler Resimler

ircdeyiz     05-03-16     Şiir     Aşk Sözleri Şiirler Resimler     847 Defa Okundu

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    …. the concept is mushrooming… maybe I’ll buy pants-burning.com and we’ll launch a chain of clothing stores with built-in fire extinguishers in the seat of the pants. Does Lloyd like pleats or plain fronts? There’s romeburning.com…. bab3cburning.com&#82e0;lhf-surning there’s no end to the virtual burning that could be done. If Two & A Half Men doesn’t work out for Ashton Kutcher, maybe he can do a TV show called…. Burn My Ride, where people burn their cars in the street in front of the TBTF banks…. virtually of course.

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